Wednesday, November 11, 2015

The Ghost in the Mirror

I have had so many different paranormal experiences. I went to Jerome Arizona which is this haunted mining town. We visited the Grand Jerome Hotel on the hill. After spending a few hours there, we drove back to Cottonwood (The town at the bottom of the hill) to our hotel. We were tired it was me and my two other friends. We each went to go to bed in our own room, and my room became really dark. All of the sudden the TV went on like a static channel, my iphone5 went flying across the room, the water went on in the bathroom sink, the water in the shower went on and the curtains to the window flew open at the same time. For some reason I thought I was imaging it. I shut the water off, picked up my iphone, shut off the TV and closed he curtains. I went and woke up my friend and told him what happened. He said he would sleep in the spare bed next to me in my room. The same exact thing ended up happening 2 more times in the room, and he couldn't believe it. He was Spanish, so he started praying in Spanish and it seemed to stopped so we thought we would try to sleep. All night I could hear something or someone walking around my bed. And then it would scream in my ear right as I fell asleep, "HEY!" It happened over and over. I would wake up and scream. Finally around 6 AM, it was like it left and we were able to sleep. But I think it followed me home back to Denver. I think sometimes he still comes around. I have photos of it in the mirror standing behind me in several photos if you want to see them. It almost looks like a skeletal guy wearing a "Jason" mask. Its terrifying.

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Real Life Story

So in 2013, my husband was at Walter Reed in Baltimore, when he was scheduled to deploy. He deployed, and in the mean time I went to rent a house in Colorado Springs, because when he was back from deployment, we would be stationed in Fort Carson Colorado. I went house rental shopping and I took my mom. All of my family lived in Denver so I would only be an hour away from them. I stayed with my mom, and on the weekends we would drive to the springs to look for a house. Finally after months of searching I thought I found the perfect house.

It was in an older neighborhood, but I wanted to make sure where ever I moved I would feel safe until my husband came home from Afghanistan. I signed the lease for us, 30 days before my husband returned from Afghanistan. Which meant I would be spending a month alone in the house, an hour away from any family, with no friends or anything near by. I felt safer because we had three dogs. Small dogs, but still I wasn’t alone.

He had Army friends at Fort Carson, that were getting ready to deploy, but they drove to Denver to help me move all of our stuff since I was alone. My mom didn’t like that I didn’t know anyone near by but I assured her I was fine so she headed back to Denver that night. It was my first night in the house. I was alone and everything was still in boxes. I didn’t even have my bed set up. I decided to set up some dog beds for the pups and I would sleep on the couch. I had just gotten the animals settled and I was dosing off, when it sounded like someone walking upstairs. I listened, and I was nervous thinking someone was in the house. But I was on the main floor where all the entrances to the house were- so I didn’t know how someone would have scooted past me. I still went and checked. Once I hit the stairs, the moving stopped. I walked upstairs. I didn’t see anything. I figured I was tired. Right as I started back down the stairs, I heard movement again. Except this time I realized it was actually coming from the attic. I thought I should check the attic. I didn’t even know we had an attic. I looked up, and there it was, with the pull string dangling down. I went to pull it, and it wouldn’t budge. I didn’t know why. So I grabbed a chair from the dining room and I climbed up to pry it down. Except when I got up to get a closer look I realized it had been super glued shut and there were like 20 nails and screws holding it tightly shut. In all honesty, I was too tired to deal with it, so I walked away and tried to go to sleep. I was so tired from moving I couldn’t deal with it. The dogs heard the walking all night and just barked. Finally I turned the radio on for noise to drown out the sound and the dogs quit barking so that I could sleep.

The next day I was trying to forget about what happened. So I just focused on unpacking and getting the house ready for when my husband Blake came home. For a few weeks after that night nothing happened. I thought I really had been tired and I was imagining things. But the week before I was supposed to fly to Baltimore to met Blake for his homecoming, things changed. Every single night I would get into bed and I would hear walking start above me. I had no way to get into the attic. A few days before I left for Baltimore, I decided to Google our address so see what I could find. For hours I sat at the computer, and finally I ran across some haunted local website. It was a website for locals that posted about haunted rental properties and warning others to not live there. Our address said, “Severely haunted, do not move in.” I started doing more research, and realized we live right in between a cemetery (just a few blocks over) and on the other side was a huge lake. The only way I can explain what it sounded like was for traffic people moving back and forth between the attic walls. I learned that moving water is like a battery for EMF levels for Ghosts to manifest. I tried to tell my husband on the phone, he sort of blew me off because he was struggling really bad with PTSD. I decided not to tell him any more about it because I didn’t want him to get paranoid.

I flew to Baltimore, and we drove his truck back across the states to Colorado. It took us a week. We left the dogs with my mom. We decided to not bring them to our house for about a week until Blake got back onto a normal schedule. The week we were home alone, the walking would only start at 3 am. I would have to wake up Blake up in the middle for the night. He heard it, and he would start screaming, “Whoever you are get out of my house.” And then it would stop. This would occur about every other night. After a few months, we got used to the sounds. We kind of figured, they weren't bothering us, so we left it go. We started sleeping with a fan for white noise so we could sleep.

Months went by, and things had gotten back to normal. Blake had a 24-hour shift once a month at the barracks on base. I hated those nights because I was home alone in the house. This one particular night I was in bed, and he called me at about 1 AM. If you don’t know what barracks look like, they are old and run down, and usually haunted themselves. They are sort of cold and desolate. Blake said, “The weirdest thing just happened to me, I was sitting here with Bergan (He was an E-4 specialist, my husband was an E-5 Sargent), and all of the sudden the elevator doors opened and they wouldn’t close. So I went to look inside to see if it was broken and all of the sudden I look on the floor and there is a Ouija board. It has three burn holes through it, and three stabs on it, and the knife is still in the board.”

He asked me, “Should I bring it home?”
I said, “No, I don’t have a good feeling about it, throw it away.”
For some reason I couldn’t sleep very well after he called but I must have dosed off. He came home at 9:00 Am the next day. I was siting on the couch drinking coffee and trying to wake up. But I asked him how his night was. I kind of forgot he even called me.

He said, ”I brought the Ouija board home, because I wanted you to see it. But now I’m thinking that wasn’t such a good idea. “
I said, “What do you mean?”
He said, “Well I brought it home to show you because I was in such disbelief of what happened, about the elevator and how the board looked when I walked inside the elevator. I just wanted you to see it so you could tell me I wasn’t crazy and It was real. But I loaded it into the trunk of the car, and I almost got into 3 accidents on the way home.”

I picked up the board and looked at it. And for some reason when I held it, it felt hot and it made my stomach sick. It looked satanic- and I mean I don’t know how I knew that I just did. I have never seen anything satanic in my life.
I said, ”Get it out of here, there’s something wrong with that board.”

He walked outside to the barn woodshop. He just dropped it on the side of exterior of the building hidden.
He walked back in and I asked him, “Did you get rid of it?” Thinking he put it in the trash or threw it away.
He said, “Ya it’s gone.”

From that moment on, that's when all hell broke loose.

He went to bed for the rest of the day to get sleep, and I just wasn’t feeling good about what had happened to him.

The next few days he started getting these really bad nightmares. I thought maybe he was having problems with his PTSD. It was like clock work, 3AM he would wake up screaming and flinging his arms all over the place. I would have to physically sit on him and try to wake him up to stop telling him he was safe. He would wake up, cry, and then go back to bed immediately most nights.

One night it was different though. The house was so cold. It was winter, but I had turned the heat up so high and it still felt cold. I went to the basement in the middle of the night to check the heater to make sure it was working. It was fine, so I walked back into the bedroom. I lay down on the bed, and I felt Blake moving he had been asleep for a few hours so I figured he was in a deep sleep. I thought I felt him wake up and shift to my side of the bed but it was dark and I wasn’t going to look over because I was comfortable. All of the sudden out of no where, Blake is on top of me and he is making some terrible growling sound and it sounds like he is talking but I can’t understand what he is saying, but out of nowhere he has his hands around my neck and he is choking me. It was weird it was like his hands where around my neck but there was no pressure but I was terrified. After a few seconds of realizing he wasn’t joking I was waiting to die. I didn’t know what was happening. My husband was never a violent man; he had a hard time killing spiders. He was a medic- so he saved lives, he didn’t kill people.

All I could do was pray. I stared first praying in my head, and then I began praying out loud. I prayed to god, Jesus and saint Michael. Looking back now, it was almost like it sounded as if Blake was arguing with someone else- except the person he was arguing with was also inside of him. He had two separate voices coming out; his voice and another voice. 
I was still praying. I said out loud, ”I am baptized in the name of the lord, and am a child of god, and the blood of Jesus runs through my veins.” Understand I am not a religious person- I don’t know where I learned to say all of that. I just did. Then as I said that he released, and it was like Blake woke up.

He started crying. He thought it was a dream, he had no idea it was actually happening in real time. He looked at me and said, “Tomorrow I am going to get help for my PTSD.” We really thought it was all related to how hard his deployment was as a medic.

I called my mom and I told her what happened. She said she wanted to come down to see for herself if anything happened. I made dinner and we had wine. We all were holding wine glasses about halfway full when at the same time as we were holding them they all like blew up in our hands. For a few seconds we just sat there and stared at each other in disbelief of what had happened. My mom just said she couldn’t believe that over and over again.

I started having nightmares about being raped. Things progressed in the house. I was depressed; Blake and I were fighting. We were even talking about divorce. Finally we asked the landlords about the house. They denied ever having anything paranormal happen. Activity just kept getting worse and worse. We asked if we could break the lease, they said they would sue us if we broke the lease. Then Blake was facing lots of surgeries because his health from deployment wasn’t good. The Army notified us he was going to be honorably discharged. I know it sounds means but I was happy. I knew I would have the paperwork to get us out of the lease legally. We had lived there for 9 long months. We moved out in a matter of two weeks. Our last night there was the worse.

Blake left for work at about 4:30 AM. Activity would start when he left until about 8 AM. We were seriously getting maybe two hours of sleep a night. The nightmares for both of us were continuing. He was getting therapy for PTSD. And one morning after he left I heard someone walk up the stairs into our room. I was in that sleep paralysis state. All of the sudden, I Was outside of my body trying to clap at my face to wake me up. I was confused. I don’t know why I couldn’t wake up, or why I was looking at myself from the outside. I did research. Found hundreds of other people haunted by something called a Succubus (Female) or an Incubus (Male), which are demons, those seduce/rape humans. I know it happened. I swear it.

We had one day left in the house, and we decided to do an EVP session. We had all kinds of terrible things happen. By the time morning hit, I was ready to go. We packed the Uhaul. I made one final sweep before we left the property. I did an interior sweep, then an exterior sweep. I went out by the barn, and something was on the floor. I approached it and started freaking out. Later Blake told me he didn’t know why he didn’t destroy it or throw it away. But there was the Ouija board.

I couldn’t leave it sitting there. I didn’t want anyone else to go through what we did. So I told Blake I would met him in Denver. On my way out of town, I drove to a Wells Fargo, and threw the Ouija Board in the dumpster.

After we moved, we never experienced any other paranormal activity in our new house. I don’t know how our old house is now, and I hope no one ever found that Ouija board and pulled it out of that dumpster.

The nightmares stopped, for both of us. And I never had any other contact with an Incubus. Ever.

Its weird you know. This stuff is what nightmares are made up of. This is one of the worst experiences I have ever had with the other side.