Saturday, August 15, 2015

UFOs, Men in Black and Beyond

I was approached by a group on UFO hunters today, asking me to join them in the quest for alien life. My answer without hesitation was NO. lol. And they wanted me to tell them why.

So rather than telling my story twice, I thought that makes for the perfect blog!

This is something I rarely share. But I have my own theories and thought it would be a great story for most of my followers.

It all started when I was 19. I had this great friend we will call "Sean." (Pronounced Shawn) He and I had gone to a few semesters of college together, until he finally decided he hated school. College was almost too easy for him. His intelligence was through the roof. Sean went off to basic training, and blah blah blah. Years later he was trained and became a flight pilot. He mainly flew an SR-71. In which I now understand it is a classified aircraft.

Irregardless, Sean would sill take his GoPros and other cameras and take photos and video footage of some unbelievable things. His inspiration came from Tom Delonge of Blink 182. If you are not familiar with Tom, he is the guitarist for this punk rock band and he is obsessed with Alien life. Sean even took it as far as talking or speaking like Tom from the "west coast." Sean was educating me about alien life, and all the shit he had seen in the aircraft. It honestly scared me. But Sean seemed knowledgeable. He even went as far as telling me about the "safe" vs. "Dangerous" alien life forms, and which ones to run from if I saw. It kind of started exploding my mind. Because on one side, I had always believed there had to be life outside of this planet- and on the other side I wanted nothing to do with it.

Sean some how went to a paranormal seminar and met Tom, it was like his ultimate idol! He told Tom about all of the things he had experienced, and Tom encouraged him to make a YouTube pages with Photos and videos, because the human race deserved to know the truth. And because Tom was such a believer- he thought Sean was great since he was flying a classified aircraft and could get up close and personal with aliens.

Sean came home and called me. He said he was going to publicize all of the footage he had taken. I asked him he if thought it was a good idea- I mean I have heard of bad things happening to people after they come forward with something compelling, and Sean had hundreds of videos.

Within a few days, Sean had the channel up and running and it went viral. Except within three business days of the footage going viral, he would be getting a not so nice visit from some strange people he had never known before.

I will admit, I saw most of the footage he had. For a long time I had them saved. They gave me the hibie jibies. Its things that nightmares are made out of. I accidentally deleted an old yahoo email address I had for years- and it automatically deleted all of Seans videos.

But I will never forget what I saw.

I get this phone call from Sean. He is panicked.  He;s breathing really heavy and I can't really understand him over the phone. He now was stationed in an Air Force base near San Antonio Texas.

"Sean, whats wrong."

"Your the only one that understands, your the only on that believes me." (He sounded like hes practically crying.)

"What do you mean Sean? Believe what?"

"Believe my videos, believe in what I do."

"Of course I believe you, your in your plane and I can tell your practically outside of the atmosphere- no one can fake footage like that. Not everyone can fly a plane like that."

"They just showed up. They know all about me. I think they are watching me. They said they will make me disappear..."

Sean had no family. He was an only child, and his parents were more interested in their own life than their sons. I was one of his only close friends.

"Who is going to make you disappear Sean? What are you talking about?"

"This is going to sound crazy but I think they are the Men in Black that were just at my house. They weren't human, I just could see it in their eyes. They said if I don't stop posting videos and remove my YouTube page they will make me disappear."

After a few days he had calmed down, but still had super paranoia that they were somewhere camped outside his house watching him. I didn't know what to believe anymore. But suddenly this gave him some sort of fire to take more videos and keep posting footage.

He called me one day and told me he had talked to someone in a higher rank than him about what had happened. I think it was a CMSgt. He basically told Sean that "we all know they are out there, we all have had our encounters- especially in the air-force- But you don't publicize that shit."

Sean went home and called me. He said he couldn't take the footage down because Tom was his inspiration. I said, "I hope your making the right decision."

Over the next month he is getting more paranoid. But still refusing to remove the items from the internet.

Within the month, Sean stopped answering his phone calls. His phone was then disconnected.  His facebook page disappeared. His email would send me back error messages, and the YouTube was gone including all of his other social media.

Now this was about four years ago when he disappeared. But I will say that he has never popped back up. every once and a while I will google his name, or search for him on Facebook. But I never find him. I sent him mail to his house- it came back with address unknown. He even had an arrest record that has since disappeared. He parents think he's dead. They have accepted it and moved on. No one knowns what happened to him.

I told Blake about all of this, since he was in the Army for over six years. And this is our theory on it.

At first I thought maybe he was killed or shunned for exposing the videos to the public. But know, I don't think that is the case. Sean was highly intelligent. He was a pilot of a SR-71 which takes photos of enemy territory. All that comes from that aircraft is classified. In fact it is nicknamed a "Blackbird." Because no one can see it in the sky.

I truly believe Sean is still alive. I think he is out in this world somewhere working for some high intelligence military base that no one knows about. I think he could be even reading this right now. And if you are Sean- I never forgot about you, I miss your friendship but I know you have some important shit you love doing in your corner. I hope life is fulfilled with all the things that you love even aliens.  I miss you and the way you left my life scared the shit out of me, but. I understand.

And that is why I believe in Aliens. I believe in the "Men in Black, " and I believe there is some shit out there we don't know, we are not supposed to know...
And no I do not want to fucking investigate it lol.


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