Friday, August 14, 2015

Times are a changing

I have been wanting to blog but time has been getting away from me. This is more of a personal blog, with a hint of paranormal.

As everyone knows I own a production company. Being a resident located in Denver, it has hurt my pocket book having t constantly fly back and forth between here to LA. So the time has finally come to call California home. A lot of things contributed to this decision.

Colorado has been recently made fun of in the media. Being considered the "weed" state. As it may be beneficial for some people I am one that is totally completely against drug use. It actually directly effected me growing up. My aunt died of alcoholism, and her kids (my cousins) have had years struggling with intense drug addiction. Most of my cousins are so addicted to drugs they have lost their children in the system. Since growing up with that, I hated drugs and alcohol. I have never tried a drug in my life. In fact I believe now; I have officially grown out of Colorado.

I tend to be judgmental when it comes to drugs, and abusers. I have just always lived a healthy, sober life. And I have seen what drugs and addiction can do by splitting a family completely apart. I have witnessed all of the influx of people moving into Colorado. In fact in recent months the crime has increased in Denver, and so has the rates of suicide. The positive side of this for the state of Colorado- is that they have a huge tax break on the drugs, and most of the highways and national parks are in perfect condition thanks to the 30% rate on tax for legal purchase of drugs.

I am not here to debate if its good or not- I am here to say I am leaving because it does not fit my lifestyle and the way I choose to live. Most other states that have legalized it have many strict rules- more than Colorado. So although I assume I will face this problem nationwide, I doubt it will be as free for all as Colorado has been.

This happens to be a perfect time. The business is booming, and so is the paranormal so this is my que for an exit.

I will have a home in California- Brentwood. And I will also have an office outside of Vegas. Luckily it is only hours from each other.

I am fairly estranged from my family- or at least my distant family like cousins etc. My intermediate family has passed other than my mother. I am estranged from them once again due to the drug use. I chose many years ago to not associate myself with alcoholics and drug users. So I will be packing up my things with my mother and Blake and starting a fabulous new life in  the perfect place.

I have been to California a million times, so I am not scared I am thrilled. As one last fairwell to Colorado, Blake and I plan to visit the Stanley Hotel for an investigation. But life is awaiting us, and its time to move into the next chapter.

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