Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Post Paranormal Phenomena

So after much spent time with my recently passed friend- he finally has left my home as of last night. Mainly I think he was around for so long because he knows I can communicate with him. I feel like me mourning has passed. I think once you have cried so much- your just can't cry anymore. 

So life must go on.

I meant to write a blog the other day, but time got the best of me. GGD is taking off. This week I have done so much including conducted a book interview (Yes! I will be in a book) and also GGD has a huge announcement for a big future plan. I just can't discuss it right now. But, trust me i will be worth he wait. 

I have been home/house shopping for sometime now. I debate constantly where I want to end up forever. Thats a big decision you know! I mean I would like at least one kid someday. No rush. I still feel like I have plenty of time. I'm not in a rush. I don't want to give up my freedom yet you know. I grew up in Denver (suburbs) I just really have grown to dislike it there. I don't really have any family there anymore (family that I like HA!) And I have this underlying love for LA, and I always have. That is what keeps bringing me back here. Renting is just so expensive. Its almost cheaper to buy, I just am picky about where I live. 

I dream of a older Spanish style house (you know, with the black iron in beautiful patterns on the inside and outside of the house.) I want a pool in the backyard. A large yard is required too because I will forever have animals. I wouldn't even mind having a mother in law house, for friends coming to visit. To be perfectly honest- I love love love Laguna. It would be my ideal living place (maybe when I retire). Except Laguna is too far south from LA. There is people in the Valley that I would preferably- stay away from if you know what I mean. 

I had an old friend tell me I was crazy for wanting to leave Colorado permanently. He said, "We have everything here- why would you go?" My answer is, I am running from he snow! I have always drive fast sports cars (that do terrible in cold snowy weather) and The first time I went to LA... I know I was meant to be in Beverly Hills. 

Everyone is different I guess. That is what makes the world go round. 

In other news I have been asked to collaborate on a clothing line, and cosmetics line. All of that takes time though. Life is good- if I could just get this damn show picked up for a docu reality series. I need to learn how to re write our pitch. Anyone have any pointers?


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