Sunday, July 26, 2015

New Case-

The time after all of these years has finally come, that I have been working on a case in which I cannot help the family. Which eternally breaks my heart having to walk away from someone that really really needs me.

So the time has come to expand my brain and begin learning. First of all, I am so excited to re start the semester because I will soon be finally finishing my Bachelors degree in English. Since I am such an avid writer I think I want to go back to school for my Masters in possibly Journalism or Creative writing.

So ready for the big reveal?

Years ago, I spoke with an old friend named Cali. I told her that I wanted to study Demonology. She kind of steered me away from it because she said I would be quote, "dipping my toe in the demonic pool." For years I shied away from learning about it because that comment kind of scared me off.

In the Paranormal first and foremost that you must be very cautious with anyone who claims to be a "demonologist" or even a medium. I am not claiming any of these titles. However, I am no longer afraid of dark cases.

I met this woman who is having some extreme things happening in her home. I knew it was bad. Like really bad. So I decided to turn down the case. I cannot drag my team into something that I am not fully educated on. Then all of the sudden I realized, how can an investigator ever find out if what you are dealing with is "dark, demonic, or inhuman?" You don't know. You never know what you are dealing with, until you investigate.

Except I really have to be honest and say that with this case- and because I do have abilities I really do feel like it was terrible what was happening inside of her house. And possibly a demonic case. And it would have been irresponsible for me to enter the home unprepared and possibly dangerous for everyone involved if I wouldn't have dealt with it carefully and correctly.

But then my next concern is OMG I feel so bad for this family- and I have no one to really call to step in and help them. I feel bad for the family, the animals. I thought never again- can I just step aside and watch this happen. This will be the only time. And I can't help this one- I was just unprepared.

So the studying has begun. I already seem to have a strong background in religion. That isn't something I talk about publicly, but I know strengthening that will also be apart of this journey too.

I do not know what I am getting into, all I know is that it feels right. I also want you to know that because I am studying this, does not mean I am "dipping my toe into the demon pool." This is me wanting to help people. I am of the light. I am a beacon in the night. But I need to better prepare myself and my crew for times like this. SO that the next time someone comes to me for help- no matter what it is....I will not have to turn them away. This part of my paranormal career may take some time. It make even take years. But the time is now to start.


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