Thursday, February 16, 2012

Did I just see something? No.. I think it was my imagination...

There comes a point in our lives, where some point or another we ask ourselves this question. Apparently for me it was last night. I had a great day. I had gone to the Stanley Hotel to met my good friend Callea. I took Matt with me to get a layout of the hotel because he will be filming there is March with the Booth Brothers. Calli surprised us with taking us on a sort of private ghost hunt with her, and it was more then amazing. 
Calli and I got to know each other after Paranormal Challenge aired last year and we became instant friends. It feels like we knew each other in a past life or something. Anyway. I decided... Matt should lead this investigation. Lets let the entities get to know Matt since we will be back in March. 

Matt did great. We had a lot of things happen in a short period of time. We picked up some pretty good EVP's too. We went to lunch with Calli, and then it was time to cruse back to Denver. On the way Matt and I felt normal. I had just purchased him a new pendant that had Saint Michael the Archangel on it. I think we were both so pumped up about the ghost hunt and the event in March we didn't suspect anything came home with us... or so we thought...

Matt's greatest fear is he will have something follow him home. Which unfortunately no one can control what happens. Matt made epic contact with "Lucy" a spirit in the concert hall. Calli and I seem to think Lucy thought Matt was pretty good looking. I didn't make much contact with anything other then hearing things like voices and movement and smelling scents. The only thing that physically happened to me was it felt like someone had pulled on my shirt and I felt the elastic flip it back towards my body. I dropped Matt off at home and eventually arrived at my place. Matt and I hyped ourselves up so much that he ended up passing out when he got home, and I fell asleep too. 

I woke up several times. Thinking I was hearing laughter. I disregarded it because I thought I was in a dream in that half awake half asleep stage. But then I started waking up to a vibration. It took me a minute to figure out what exactly was shaking, until I realized.... It was the bed. I would pass out.... wake up to the vibrations... this happened about seven times. Until the last time I felt rested enough I finally woke up and started questioning what was going on. I sat up in bed, and asked out loud, "Who is doing that?!" And the vibrations stopped. Of course the only thing I could think of was that I brought someone home. I got up out of bed, because whatever it was didn't feel threatening (trust me if it is bad or demonic, there is a HUGE difference in the energy around you). I walked to the kitchen and as I passed the living room I noticed my dogs playing on the floor. I have three small dogs. They are all under 10 pounds each. But something seemed different.... I looked down on the floor and saw their toys moving without the dogs actually touching them. I gasped. I started to shout, "WHO IS THAT? WHOS DOING THAT?!" I went to run downstairs to grab my crosses and St Michael prayers and when I got to the top of the stairs looking down I saw a little boy about the age of 7 or 8 run past the hallway at the bottom of the stairs in my basement. He ran into family room downstairs. I was in utter shock!!! I took off running down the stairs to see where he had went. As I turned the corner from my basement hallway to the family room I see a little boy. I looked him right in the eyes. He had dark blonde hair cut into a "bowl haircut," He was wearing white like bloomers, and a white shirt with some sort of dark blue brown or black vest. OBVIOUSLY he was not from 2012. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. He realized I could see him and he took off running into my laundry room disappearing into the wall. Now I knew I couldn't be mean, this time its a child. Its not like other entities that have followed me home. This is a kid!!! I knew I had to be delicate. 

I grabbed my crosses and prayers and sat down onto the floor. My oldest dog, Harley hes six came and sat with me. My animals are very in tune with our home when something comes home with me so I knew he would be able to see if the little boy came to me. I started calling out to the little boy. I told him he needed to go home, back to the Stanley or go to the light. That this wasn't his home. I told him I would come visit him in March. I think he really liked my animals. And I am not psychic what so ever, but I kept picking up the name James, or Thomas. Or perhaps his name is James Thomas. I think his energy was so strong especially for him to be able to manifest I some how picked up on his name from his energy. This will be a day I never forget. What is even weirder though, is I think he left and something else came in. At about 4 AM I heard something walking down my basement. It sounded like heavy footsteps with hooves. It was breathing very heavy. and I started to hear growling. Needless to say I do not think its from this world... Whatever is was It found me at the Stanley earlier that day. But he or "IT" is no longer at my house. Remember. Don't live with it. Its okay to ghost hunt. Its okay to go to scary places. But it isn't okay to allow them to live with you. I can't deal with it.  I don't know how anyone else would be able to...
Happy Hunting everyone............. See some of you in March :)

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