Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Demonic what?

In complete honesty, I get so sick of people "claiming" to be psychic, a "demonologist," or even an "exorcist." So first let me educate you, and tell you to beware of these titles. And before you actually believe someone, do some research on them first. Do not just take their "word for it." 
The biggest red flag for me when someone claims to be one of the above and the first thing out of their mouth is, "I watched a show the other day with Ghost Adventures and they are all surrounded by demons." I mean seriously, what a bunch of hogwash. Pardon my language, but stop listening to anymore bull**** coming out of their mouth. Anyone who says "demons" out number spirits or just pissed of entities has no clue what they are talking about. At east in my opinion, and in my research and encounters. 
I will give you a ratio to think about. 9 out of 10 claims of the paranormal are dead people. Or to be fair we could say 8 out of 10. These dead people either A) don't want to move on, or B) Have unfinished business of some-sort, even if that means making your life a living hell. This consists of nice and mean spirits. The other 1 out of 10 or 2 out of 10 are one of two things. Either A) a Demon, or B) something that has been summoned here. And in my findings, it is more likely to find something that has been summoned by witchcraft or black magic, rather then an actual demon. Wait a minute, lets back up for just a second. Lets go back to talking about dead people.
I have encountered some wonderful entities, and yes they are well aware that they are dead. Two of my favorites are one from the Stanley Hotel and the other from Jerome. Who has heard of Lucy? Lucy is a young girl that was homeless in Estes Park. She broke into the concert hall at the Stanley Hotel to live. I believe they were doing construction (My history may be a bit off so pardon me if it is) But she was asked to leave and escorted out. Not too long after that she was found in downtown Estes Park, and she had froze to death. Apparently she loved the Stanley Hotel so much, she has decided to reside there for her eternity even in the afterlife. Many people have made contact with Lucy. She is well aware that she is dead. And she has absolutely no intentions on leaving. She likes to slam the door to the room she now resides in. People claim they can hear her cry a lot. She is also very found of men. 
Michael from Jerome. The maintenance man that shot himself in the head in November of 2007. I was the first female investigator inside this building and Michael took to me. He was an alcoholic, he recently had found out his wife was cheating on him. He claimed after living inside the hospital the spirits were tormenting him so he decided to go in front of town hall sit on the bench and end it all there. He was making EPIC contact with me. Probably more contact then any other spirit I have encountered in my life. He made me feel his sadness. He almost had me in tears. And most of all he let me feel how alone he was, and is all of the time. It was amazing. So amazing that I didn't really want to leave him. I felt like he knew I was there, I knew he was there, and I let him know that he was no longer alone. I want to go back to Jerome just to visit him again. I don't want him to forget he has a friend in me. Michael also knows he is dead, but does not want to pass because he is afraid of what might be waiting for him on the other side. He believes because of all his sins, god will not forgive him. Now remember, I am not here to cross people over. I don't know how you even do that or if its even possible. I am no GHOST WHISPERER. And I think its really wrong when certain people promise an entity that thy will help them cross over when they have no psychic ability what so ever and then they never go back to help that people move on. Who knows, that spirit may wait there for all eternity for someone to come help them cross over and then, they never come back. Remember ghosts were like you and me once. Blood pumping through their veins, skin, and hair. They hate to be treated with disrespect. That and who knows, they could be just as scared of you as you are of them. 

Okay okay. So what about the bad ghosts right?
There are two that stick out in my mind. One is the guy that used to follow me around from the Stanley Hotel (See my past blogs if you have no idea what I am talking about). But also Mr. gangster dude from Bobby Mackeys. He was a nasty one. I believe he has no idea he is dead, and he doesn't care because he is still doing all of the bad things inside Bobby Mackeys just like the days he did when he lived. This isn't someone to negotiate with. He is happy living his eternity still surrounded by gambling, prostitution and gun warfare. 

Now we are to the good part. "Demonic"
I believe 90% of ghost hunters out there have never experienced a demonic haunting. I believe that exorcisms should still stay within the Archdiocese.I believe they are only the ones truly trained for years and years to be able to understand an exorcism and a demonic haunting. Have I ever been followed home by a demon? Hell no. DO you know why? Because I am way too strong for one to cling onto me. That and if one followed me home I would force it out so fast it wouldn't know where to go. I do not put up with that for even one minute after my first attachment, Now do I think demons can attach themselves to anyone? Yes. But I think people that are weak minded are much more vulnerable. I also believe that curiosity can kill the cat. If a demon knows you have any sort of curiosity for it, you are already opening up a portal for it and welcoming it into your life. Even perhaps subconsciously. But I am so not here to talk psychology right now. Have I encountered a demon? Yes. I believe Bobby Mackeys has many. There is a huge spirit war going on, on those grounds. It was a Indian burial ground. Then it was a slaughter house where men abducted children from local orphanages. The children would have to stir the melting lard and the kids would fall into the steaming pot of fat and would literately melt to death. Then it sat abandoned where witchcraft was preformed on the grounds for years. Then the gangsters owned the building, they were above the law, paying off law enforcement making their own rules about prostitutiongambling etc. Until then it because Bobby Mackeys. Plus throughout all of this there is a huge river behind the establishment that gives off high EMF levels, and train tracks that are still active surging with energy. This is the cream of the crop haunt if you ever wanted one built. The Indians are against the butchers, who are against the demons and beings that have been summoned in, who are against the gangsters still running the place! And all of them are against the humans that come in talking smack to piss all of them off! And you wonder why women have been pushed down the stairs? Why Aaron Goodwin got divorced from whatever followed him home? Why Zak Bagans claims something attached to him from there? Why Wanda that works there will not stay after dark? There is all of your answers up above. 

What is something summoned?
OH you know. The typical demons we have bad dreams about at night that look like "the devil."  DO NOT GOOGLE THEM! It is my best advise to tell you that. Because even googling them can open a portal where they believe you are welcoming them in. Besides who wants to see a demon anyway? Another prime example of something summoned is a Succubus. Those are creepy things. Or OH! Have you ever seen a crawler? I hate those things. Those were in Jerome. They crawl on their hands and knees, on the floor, the ceiling, and the walls. They have no face almost act like a creepy James Bond move. If you as me, I think they are like messengers. They watch you ghost hunt, listen to what you say and see what you are doing and then they report back to who ever their higher power is. 

I don't really like the dark side. I like the light side. My friend Chris Fleming pulled me aside in November of 2011. He told me I was walking dangerously close to the dark side. Where curiosity can be a one way ticket to shatville. He asked me which side I really choose. He told me to think about it. I am curious about the dark side. But not curious enough to ruin my life with an attachment. I don't want them in my home. And being a female lead makes me all the more bait. I have to put my foot down harder then guys in this business. I will end this with saying I don't want to be pulled out of bed at 5 AM by an unseen force. I do not want to share my home with something creepy and life sucking. And I sure as hell do not want to make my friends and family suffer for it. Ghost hunting isn't so glamorous. It can be dangerous. And by all means, it takes a spiritually stable person to do this. I have become more religious then ever in my life. I don't go to church, but I know that when I feel like I am in a dangerous place its okay to ask for help from the big guns. I have felt afraid plenty of times. No one is brave enough to not become scared by an unseen force. Especially in your house. But always know this. It is YOUR HOME. Take control. Tell it that's its NOT welcome and to go away and never come back. Stand your ground. That is your home. No one elses. Do not show weakness, show positive power. Over its as simple as this.... if you don't then be prepared for it to take over your life. Now come on.... You go to college, get an education... get your dream job... marry your dream man/woman... have a beautiful family... all to let some stupid ghost or entity take over your house? I don't think so....

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