Tuesday, January 3, 2012

My first attachment. & Hopefully my last.

This road to becoming a "ghost hunter" has certainly been an interesting one. I have had my ups and my downs. But haven't we all? Its not like when I was three I told my teacher I wanted to hunt ghosts for a living. "Little Krystal, what do you want to be when you grow up?"

I always had some strange connection with the other-side. I was born three months premature. My mother says I fought for my life. I had wrapped my umbilical cord around my neck several times cutting the oxygen off to my brain. The anticipated wouldn't live past three. Well. That right there is a proven fact doctors are not always right. Maybe from my somehow traumatic experience before I was born put me in touch closer to the other side then I realized. For years when I was a infant I would tell my mother these stories. I mean I was barely old enough to talk. I would tell her how I drowned. That they found me face down, and that I had to leave my husband and children behind. I remember my mother driving and sitting in my car-seat in the back watching bodies of water just picturing myself face down in the water. For years this created a water phobia for myself. My mother finally put me in swimming lessons when I was 12. You would have thought she was trying to kill me. I remember learning to dive with my swim coach and I would swim so fast under water with my eyes shut she could barely catch me. Sometimes having flashbacks thinking I was going to drown again. I finally gt over my water phobia. I still do not like dark water, or deep water. Like lakes and rivers. 

I started ghost hunting the typical way. In high school. My friends and I would break into places we shouldn't legally be. Get spooked and run out. The eventually when I was 19, Aaron and I decided to take it to a entire different level. We started slowing purchasing equipment. It gave us an excuse to have ghost hunts on a weekly basis. And in some of the most messed up places we investigated, I never once got an attachment, (In case you don't know what an attachment is, it is when an entity somehow attracts itself to you, follows you home and basically makes your life a living hell.)

On Christmas of 2010 (Literately Christmas morning at 5 AM) I was rushed in to emergency surgery for my gallbladder. The after I was released I was deathly ill for weeks. I think I finally had my last hospital visit by early February 2011. Aaron and I had not been ghost hunting for months. And somehow ghost hunting can turn into your own personal drug. Its like you need and want the adrenaline from making contact. So when I was finally able to walk after healing from my surgery, Aaron and I decided to hop back on the band wagon. In March of 2011, we found out that the "Ghost Adventures" were going to be at The Stanley Hotel in Estes Park. We had watched their shows. Aaron and I said, Lets go up! Lets try to see if we could met them. At this point I had also befriended Calli. Who is the Lead Paranormal Investigator at the Stanley Hotel. I called Calli, we set up an investigation with her. And this would be said to mark history of my first actual investigation at the Stanley Hotel. Now take in mind. I think I was still at a pretty vulnerable state of mind. I really wasn't fully healed from surgery, even though I was telling myself I was. Or maybe I wasn't mentally in a good place. 

We hit the fourth floor of the Stanley Hotel, and all of the sudden I couldn't breathe. It felt like there was a rope tied around my neck, I literately couldn't swallow, and I felt as if I had been walking through the desert for days without any water. I almost had a panic attack it was so strong. I told Aaron, he asked if I felt unsafe and if I should leave. I stuck it out. We had some strange things happen to all of us. Aaron and I, Aaron's cousin and his cousins girlfriend are who made the trip.

We all went home. Somewhat baffled. Usually after a ghost hunt I can't sleep for days. So I knew tonight wouldn't be any different. I went home and decided to color my hair. I got out of the shower, and sat on my bed. I had pulled my wet hair into a pony tail and started to read a magazine. When all of the sudden I felt this surge of energy go through my head and my head bobbed back as if something had just yanked on my hair. I jumped up, and started screaming. But it wasn't a scream of terror, it was a scream of anger. Whatever was in my house had followed me home from the Stanley. I started screaming for it to leave, I told it, it wasn't welcome. I was pissed. 

I was so angry I became tired. I drained all of my energy telling this thing off. So for the first time I knew I had to somehow get some sleep. Well that didn't happen. I called Aaron the next day and asked him to come over. I told him this thing hadn't left and to see if Aaron would do an EVP (electronic voice phenomena) session with me to see if we could make contact. 

I asked all kids of questions. We played it back, and realized we had gotten a response from one of the first questions I asked.

"Was that you that pulled my hair?" -No response
"Why did you pull my hair?" -No response

"Where you trying to scare me?" And suddenly you hear a man reply, "Never......"

I was in utter shock. I thought what do you do when a ghost follows you home?
Well to my surprise it would be the most educational experience I would ever go through.

March 3rd. When my new roommate came home with me. Now it is May 2011. For months this thing has been in my home. I can hear it go up and down the stairs at night. I can hear it whispering in my ear. I heard it one night messing with the dirty dishes in my kitchen. It hisses, and scratches on walls. And suddenly I realize, I have fallen under Oppression. (http://www.silverhoofs.com/posspg.htm)
I now do not want to remove it from my house. To me it is becoming a roommate, and I feel sad when I think about it leaving. My mother and Aaron had to have a serious intervention with me about it. I have worn my grandmothers cross for years since I started ghost hunting. My cross on my neck started to burn my neck. It was this thing, it didn't want me in the light. And I was walking dangerously close to the edge of the dark side. 

May 20th, 2011.
Aaron and I preform our amateur blessing of my house. Using the bible, prayer, holy water, sage and blessed red adobe brick. We studied how to do it. And finally we both felt confident enough to follow through. you start outside the house making your way though the home counter clockwise. We were rolling the digital recorder the entire time to see if we could pick anything up. After 3 hours, of blessing my house, it was so strange.... it was like a dark umbrella was taken off my house. This shadow throughout the house lifted, and it was light. It was easier to breathe. And it worked. After being tormented by this thing for months, it was finally gone. And I was so happy I could cry. It was the first night since February I had slept.
I am going to attach a picture of him. He would manifest in my closet. The furthest part of the house in the basement, in the dark. He hasn't come back since. 

I have to be frank. I never have gone to church a day in my life. I wasn't educated on the bible. My family was Lutheran. I always believed in God. I just believed more in the "otherside." Until recently, I believe I was not protecting myself with the light. Now wait a minute. I am no bible thumper. I am not here to push religion down your neck. You do what you want. But I have seen some dark shit. I have seen some scary shit. I mean things that are not even from this world. Like things that have been summoned in by witchcraft and black magic. There are two sides to being a Ghost hunter. The Light side. & The dark side. Its up to you, where you choose to fall. I was on the path to the dark side. I am interested in that part. People I meet everyday that have seen me on Paranormal Challenge, the most common thing I hear from them is, "YOUR crazy! I would be so scared to go some of the places you go!" It is scary. And its not a joke. 

I met a bishop once. He worked for the Catholic church. He gave me a piece of advise that will stick with me for the rest of my life. He said this, "The paranormal world is not a toy. People think you can open it like a box. Like you can peak inside the box, shut the box and close it and put it back onto the shelf. People believe they will not encounter the dark side. But what people do not understand, is that it isn't something you can peak at from curiosity. Once you peak you have opened the vale. And now it will never close."

Aaron Goodwin said it best. The paranormal world is like a revolving door. It never shut once its open. And its like a box of chocolates. You never know what your going to get. You might get a sweet apparition, and you might get one that tastes like shit. 

I made contact with Dave Schrader in July 2011. He liked my team and forwarded our information to the casting director. I was 4 AM when I emailed Dave. He had posted on twitter they needed another team for Paranormal Challenge. I sat in bed fr almost an hour debating in my head if it was worth getting up and emailing him our info. The next day at 10 AM I had a call frm New York that we had been chosen for an interview to be cast on Paranormal Challenge. Less then a week later, we found out Zak Bagans chose our team, out of 10,000 other paranormal groups to be on his show. And less then a week after that, Aaron Gerson and I were in the car on our way to the set in Jerome Arizona. 

Aaron experienced a possession while we were in Jerome. He doesn't remember what happened. He was so terrible to Gerson and I that we almost left him there. finally less then 24 hours later Aaron somehow snapped out of it. To this day Aaron swears he didn't do the things he did on set. He has no recollection. This entity followed Aaron home from Jerome and Aaron is still living with it. Aaron did not quit the team, but after Paranormal Challenge he changed. I have not seen him since September. I believe whatever is following him around still has a hold of him. And Aaron will not let me help him. It has put a burden on our friendship. And now he and I hardly talk.

The point of the article is to show you the Paranormal is not something to play with. It is the unseen. And none of us really know what is all out there. I am however obsessed with the paranormal and it will never stop. I am studying Parapsychology. I am currently writing a book. We as a team are progressing. We have a lot going on with contracts with networks. People are interested, but are afraid. And for good reason. I have seen things, that normal people would probably break down in fear. This industry isn't for everyone. And with all do respect, its my professional opinion to you- to not try and open the box and peak inside. Because if you are unsure. And if you are not spiritually stable, you never know what might jump out of the box and cause a real life living hell. There are unknown creatures in the paranormal lurking about that are not safe, there are angry dead people that want to make everyone they encounter in their path pay for whatever misfortune they had in life.

All I can guarantee you, is that the paranormal world, can be 20 times scarier then any Hollywood made film. So make sure you know what your getting yourself into. You have to have strong stature. Willpower and confidence. Not weak mindedness.

And if you liked this one that I wrote, wait until I write about my adventure at Bobby Mackeys last September.

AND. PS. A lot of people have asked me this. 
"How does your family feel about you doing this?"

My mother supports anything I do. I did not tell my dad I was a ghost hunter until The week before Paranormal Challenge premiered. And none of my friends (Except close friends) knew until I posted I was going to be on Paranormal Challenge. Why you ask? Thats easy. Its not an easy conversation to bring up with people. "OH what do you do for a living?" UMMM WELLLL I chase dead people? 
But I will say this. After meeting Zak Bagans, and befriending him, I look at him like one of my greatest mentors. He and I had a chat about this. He told me it was a gift that not everyone had, and to not be ashamed of it. I was never ashamed of it, I just didn't know how to tell people. Now that doesn't mean I parade around shouting that I am a ghost hunter. (Which there is a defined difference between paranormal investigator and ghost hunter- I am really more a on investigator but we can talk about that later)  But I have worked hard to be where I am in this industry. And I have no shame telling people that either.

My father and step mother do not support me. They were proud of me, but they do not support this. My friends support me. And my mother supports me. And I am okay with anyone along the way, that doesn't agree with what I do. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Believers and no believers. I respect both sides. Because Until  had my first encounter, I was a non believer as well. But thats another article for a different day. I believe that there are people that do not believe, ad people that do not WANT to believe. I have an aunt that is very proud of me, she tells everyone I was on paranormal challenge, BUT she doesn't want to hear about any of my stories. My father loves me very much, but he would like to see me become a doctor. (Which for years, I was following his dreams for myself, until one day I realized, I needed to follow my own dreams). My father does believe in the paranormal, he just doesn't want to hear me talk about it either. It can be hurtful at times. But I am a Taurus. I don't give up without a fight. and I fight to the death for what I want. Even if that means somewhat betraying some of my family's beliefs. I live my own life. Even if that means, I prefer working with dead people.

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