Sunday, January 15, 2012

The forever famous Zak Bagans.

So many people have such a wrong perspective of Zak. And I am lucky enough to call him one of my friends and one of my mentors of the paranormal. 

First of all lets get this clear. I am not hear to dish on Zak. I am not here to tell any of Zak's secrets, and I don't tolerate anyone talking badly about him around me. 

This has to be the most common question I get, "What is Zak Bagans like in person? Is he the same off camera as he is on? Whats your perspective of him now after working with him so closely?"

Okay. Lets answer these once and for all.

But to answer these, lets start from the beginning. Yes. I am one of "those girls." I am one of the girls that first saw Ghost Adventures, saying OMG THAT GUY IS HOT! But also being honest, I met Ghost Adventures before I knew they existed before they were popular. I also met Aaron before I met Zak years ago. Thats neither here, nor there. I just had to state that yes, like every other female out there, I think Zak Bagans is a hawtie :)

The first day I met Zak.
We were on the set in Jerome for five days. Zak drove up the hill in Jerome sitting in the passenger seat. Billy was driving. They were in a Kia SUV bumping some loud techno/house music. Everything you would expect from Zak. Zak's arm was flinging outside the window, my teammates Aaron and Gerson and the other team started freeking out. All of them were like, "OMG ITS ZAK!" Oddly enough I didn't have that star struck thing with him. I figured he was a normal guy. The producers were shouting at him he needed to be on set. And all we could hear was Zak say he had to take a piss and he would hurry. It made us all giggle.

We walked down to the clubhouse to film more with Lonny (In the woodshop) and through the windows we see Zak dressed in all black, a long sleeve shirt (Rebel Spirit of course) running down the hill in 100 degree humid Arizona heat. All you could hear is everyone gasp. As if the star had finally arrived. He came in not smiling he was serious like he wanted to get to business. He didn't even individually greet us except for saying hi and he didn't really make eye contact either. Then we filmed a scene with Zak and Lonny, and then Zak became much more personal. We talked and chatted and walked back to the Jerome Hotel with him, and I found him to be much different then he appears on camera. 

He was laughing, he was smiling, and complaining about the heat. He told me when he gets in hot weather he always seems to always fall sick, and he felt like he was getting a cold from being in Arizona. He went on to talk about his famous "Vampire Weather" we would rather live in. Getting just a hint of what Zak was like, it was now time for us to met Billy. Billy is probably the most down to earth chill guy. Hes quiet, but he likes to laugh a lot and Zak goes around constantly shouting "BILL!" And Billy always rolls his eyes and says, "Yesssssss?"

Soon we would find our team only having a private dinner with Zak talking about the paranormal. Comparing stories and discussions. Some of these are private conversations I believe my team and I hold special to our heart. We probably will never talk much about them. But Zak is the most amazing guy you will ever met. (And I am not just saying that from a female persective, Aaron and gerson really took to him too) People make fun of him for his muscles. His tight shirts, his tan skin. He was so bullied as a kid. It has taken him years to become the person he is today. He doesn't let anything effect him that people say. His famous line is, "haters gunna hate." He is different in front of the camera. We all witnessed it. He likes to be in tune with his audience and interact. You can see that when he starts filming. He takes the paranormal very serious. But when he is off camera he is like you and me. By the end of the week, I forgot how big he actually is in the entertainment industry.Suddenly, Zak Bagans was a friend, a co-worker- and my Boss. Rather then a star we were all star stuck by.

I got to talk with him privately a few times. I was followed to my hotel in Jerome. We actually filmed a segment on it, but they couldn't show it due to time. We got the the hotel at 5 AM and had to be on set at 9 the next morning. My iphone was thrown numerous times. The curtains in my room kept flying open. Finally I was in tears, and had to have Aaron and Gerson come sleep in the spare bed in my room. I was afraid to be alone because it felt harmful. Aaron decided he couldn't handle it so he ended up going back to his room to sleep. Gerson stayed with me though. I was walking around my bed. It was loud and it was even more angry now that Gerson had come to the room with me. Gerson and I had gotten up numerous times throughout the night to pray. I would pray in English, while Gerson would Pray in Spanish. Hoping it would hear us and leave. By the end of the night we had about 45 min of sleep before we had to wake up and be on set the next day. This was the same day, Aaron experienced his possession. I told Zak what happened. He asked me if this was my first attachment. I told him no, it happened all o the time. Zak asked me who I thought it was that followed me home. I believe it was Michael. I don't think he was trying to harm me, but I made such an amazing contact with him during the lockdown, I think he was happy to communicate with someone. Zak gave me advice about getting things to follow you home. He asked me if I needed help. Chris Felming had now joined the conversation. He told me I had a psychic gift I hadn't tapped into yet. He said I was a medium. And that I felt Michaels emotions, which is why I was so torn up every time I talked about him. Zak said he had some abilities. He said once you start opening the door to this world, you become in tune closer and closer with the other side.

I saw Zak again at Scarefest September 2011. I saw Aaron Goodwin again also. Zak was meeting fans. He didn't even look at me when I walked up to him. I said "Wow! You don't even remember me?!" 
Zak said, "Well I met a lot of people."
I said, "Oh okay."
Zak said, Where do I know you from?" Still he had not looked up at me.
I replied with, "Jerome?"
He FINALLY looked up and me and giggled. He apologized and said, "OMG! HEY!" 
He hugged me. I said, "Wow you must be tired"
He said, "You have no idea."

I got to hang out with Zak again in November. He did a big event at the Stanley Hotel. He introduced me as "Paranormal Challenge" winner. It was cool he let me help with the ghost hunt. He didn't have to include me but he did. Zak would do anything for you if you were his friend. He is a really good person.

People ask why he doesn't smile. He just doesn't smile on camera. If you were to go out with Zak tonight he would be laughing and joking. But when he is in front of the camera, he has a personification to maintain. He takes his job serious! When he is with a group (big group) of people he is quiet. He has huge social anxiety. I think hes claustrophobic. He has a really hard time with fans, and people that he doesn't know coming up to him. He doesn't really now how to answer peoples questions. And more then anything he hates people giving him holy water! LOL.


  1. Thanks! You just confirmed a lot of what I figured about Zak. I really did figure he had some sort of social anxiety cause I recognized it as the same as I have. Can tell that he's overcome a lot of it & sadly I'm not there yet. Not sure if I'll ever be - but inspiring to see it yes, it can be overcome. So scary you had to deal with getting followed! Kudos to you all for being so brave!

  2. Hey ya,matter reading all that I think YOU sound cool :-) it was pretty cool info and a really nice read, I stumbled upon it while researching paranormal investigators for my novel. I love the Ghost Adventure guys, I would like to add their style to my novel as the Most Haunted guys are a little.....shall we say over the top with the screaming?
    As I said you sound cool so if you add friends and chat give me a tweet thing or Facebook :-) I am on google plus thingie. It I have no idea how to use it apart from blogging :-)

  3. Zaks an inspiration to me because i am the same way with the social problems, i have been that since i was 12 when I was brutally attack by a ghost in my own home. And i was bullied seriously all my life too. If you asked me if i would ever get a job in the film industry or just talk in front of a small class of people i would just blush and freak out. One day i hope to be like him.