Monday, February 20, 2012

Ghost Hunting= Satanism (Ummm. NO!)

Lately there have been somethings that have been brought to my attention. I feel the need to share these findings with you.

First of all. Lets talk about me and my team for a minute. I was raised Lutheran. I never really went to church but my family taught me there is a higher power. And I follow my own religion beliefs. I believe in God. Angels. And all that jazz. Matt's parents were very Christian. He went to church every Sunday for years. He still follows Christian guide lines. How ever he doesn't believe in churches because he doesn't understand why you have to financially fund "gods house." He mainly feels this way because of all the scandals with priests and child abuse and money. Our psychic Peggy was raised very Catholic. She still practices and is very active in the church today. Sam is a Pastor studying religion in Seminary. So obviously he has a strong religious background. We all believe in a higher power.

Ghost Hunting: The process of investigating a location with a proclaimed ghost or haunting. 
Paranormal: Experiences outside the range of "normal."
Religion: Collection of cultural or religious beliefs that relate to humanity
Spirituality: A inner path allowing a person to discover their inner being. 
Occult: Knowledge of the Hidden or Paranormal world

The art of ghost hunting, paranormal investigating, or parapsychology is to discover the unseen. It is to become more familiar with the paranormal and understand the other side. 

Words that stand for too many people:
Hypocrite: A person who puts on a false appearance of virtue or RELIGION
Ignorant: Uneducated or LACK of Knowledge.

Lets get a few things straight. My team and I do not preform witch craft. My team and I do not worship the devil. In fact we believe we are very close to god because we understand not only what life means, but also what death means. We do not belong to some secret cult where we are going to drink poison and all go with the next comet. This is ridiculous! Seriously people.....

We have a passion for the paranormal. This is our hobby. You might ride motorcycles, you might be the coach of your daughters cheer-leading team. We hunt ghosts. But wait a minute. Lets get that clear.. lets talk about what that means exactly.

Paranormal Investigating is not a joke. This isn't funny to us. And we take it very seriously. I would guess most people out there wouldn't have the bravery we have to be locked down in the pitch black alone for hours. This is a science people. And before people judge I would say to please educate yourself before you think you know everything. Because you don't. 

I had the best advise from Zak Bagans. Who I consider a friend. In Jerome last year he asked me if my family was excited I was going to be on TV. 
I responded with, "Well I didn't tell me dad until a few days ago I was even a ghost hunter."
Zak, "What, Why?"
Me, "Because I was afraid of his reaction to the whole paranormal thing..."
Zak, "Are you proud of who you are, and what you are doing?"
Me, "Well of course!"
Zak, "Then never be afraid to show it to anyone. And if anyone judges you, well then that's their problem. As long as you are happy who you are and what you are doing, that's all that matters."

This was the best advise I have ever heard. I pass it on to you. I am not ashamed of who I am. And look at where it has gotten me. I stand before you proud. With my job title as GHOST HUNTER. Look how far I pushed myself. I get paid to ghost hunt travel the world and work with my best friends. Jealous? You should be.... I have the coolest job around.

I knew this was my passion, and I pushed and pushed to the point where I have been on national television with the Travel Channel. How many people can say that? Plus, there is still more ahead for my future. Never let someone discourage your dream. Whatever it may be. You can do anything. You have the power in your hands. It just depends on how much work you are willing to put into it. I worked for my dream. Whats yours?

And PS. People that do not stand by you no matter what life path you choose in life... they were never your true friend anyway. And people that claim they are a good friend and they put you down... get them out of your life. True friends don't try to hurt you. Its JEALOUSLY. And jealously is a sickness. And its also part of human kind.

Start waking up. In the morning look towards the ceiling and tell your higher power what you are thankful for. 

Here is my list:
1. My mother for never judging me no matter what my interests in life are. Mom you are truly my best friend. Thank you for bringing me into this world.

2. Sam Kribbs. You are my best friend Sam. We know EVERYTHING about each other. I can't say your like a brother because we don't fight like siblings. LOL. But you truly are my best friend. Thank you for being there my entire life. And always having an open mind. Also, your going to be one bad ass ghost hunter by the time were done training :)

3.Matt BYRD! Okay Matt. You took on the big brother roll. SO you are the brother I never had. Its awesome having you in my life. You are one of my best friends. You have stuck by me through a lot of drama! Thats true friends brotha. I know we fight sometimes and get on each others nerves, but I wouldn't have gotten this far without you. ANNDDD I wouldn't have it any other way <3

4. My animals. My dogs and cats are what keep me going every day. Between my mom and I we have 2 dogs and 3 cats. My dogs are Harley Diva and Toto. My Cats are Montana ReecesPieces and Fade. I love you guys so much and you are what keep me smiling every morning I wake up.

5. And lastly. I thank my higher power. FOR obvious reasons. But also for giving my the ability to communicate with the dead. It has been the most life changing experiences. And I thank you. 

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Did I just see something? No.. I think it was my imagination...

There comes a point in our lives, where some point or another we ask ourselves this question. Apparently for me it was last night. I had a great day. I had gone to the Stanley Hotel to met my good friend Callea. I took Matt with me to get a layout of the hotel because he will be filming there is March with the Booth Brothers. Calli surprised us with taking us on a sort of private ghost hunt with her, and it was more then amazing. 
Calli and I got to know each other after Paranormal Challenge aired last year and we became instant friends. It feels like we knew each other in a past life or something. Anyway. I decided... Matt should lead this investigation. Lets let the entities get to know Matt since we will be back in March. 

Matt did great. We had a lot of things happen in a short period of time. We picked up some pretty good EVP's too. We went to lunch with Calli, and then it was time to cruse back to Denver. On the way Matt and I felt normal. I had just purchased him a new pendant that had Saint Michael the Archangel on it. I think we were both so pumped up about the ghost hunt and the event in March we didn't suspect anything came home with us... or so we thought...

Matt's greatest fear is he will have something follow him home. Which unfortunately no one can control what happens. Matt made epic contact with "Lucy" a spirit in the concert hall. Calli and I seem to think Lucy thought Matt was pretty good looking. I didn't make much contact with anything other then hearing things like voices and movement and smelling scents. The only thing that physically happened to me was it felt like someone had pulled on my shirt and I felt the elastic flip it back towards my body. I dropped Matt off at home and eventually arrived at my place. Matt and I hyped ourselves up so much that he ended up passing out when he got home, and I fell asleep too. 

I woke up several times. Thinking I was hearing laughter. I disregarded it because I thought I was in a dream in that half awake half asleep stage. But then I started waking up to a vibration. It took me a minute to figure out what exactly was shaking, until I realized.... It was the bed. I would pass out.... wake up to the vibrations... this happened about seven times. Until the last time I felt rested enough I finally woke up and started questioning what was going on. I sat up in bed, and asked out loud, "Who is doing that?!" And the vibrations stopped. Of course the only thing I could think of was that I brought someone home. I got up out of bed, because whatever it was didn't feel threatening (trust me if it is bad or demonic, there is a HUGE difference in the energy around you). I walked to the kitchen and as I passed the living room I noticed my dogs playing on the floor. I have three small dogs. They are all under 10 pounds each. But something seemed different.... I looked down on the floor and saw their toys moving without the dogs actually touching them. I gasped. I started to shout, "WHO IS THAT? WHOS DOING THAT?!" I went to run downstairs to grab my crosses and St Michael prayers and when I got to the top of the stairs looking down I saw a little boy about the age of 7 or 8 run past the hallway at the bottom of the stairs in my basement. He ran into family room downstairs. I was in utter shock!!! I took off running down the stairs to see where he had went. As I turned the corner from my basement hallway to the family room I see a little boy. I looked him right in the eyes. He had dark blonde hair cut into a "bowl haircut," He was wearing white like bloomers, and a white shirt with some sort of dark blue brown or black vest. OBVIOUSLY he was not from 2012. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. He realized I could see him and he took off running into my laundry room disappearing into the wall. Now I knew I couldn't be mean, this time its a child. Its not like other entities that have followed me home. This is a kid!!! I knew I had to be delicate. 

I grabbed my crosses and prayers and sat down onto the floor. My oldest dog, Harley hes six came and sat with me. My animals are very in tune with our home when something comes home with me so I knew he would be able to see if the little boy came to me. I started calling out to the little boy. I told him he needed to go home, back to the Stanley or go to the light. That this wasn't his home. I told him I would come visit him in March. I think he really liked my animals. And I am not psychic what so ever, but I kept picking up the name James, or Thomas. Or perhaps his name is James Thomas. I think his energy was so strong especially for him to be able to manifest I some how picked up on his name from his energy. This will be a day I never forget. What is even weirder though, is I think he left and something else came in. At about 4 AM I heard something walking down my basement. It sounded like heavy footsteps with hooves. It was breathing very heavy. and I started to hear growling. Needless to say I do not think its from this world... Whatever is was It found me at the Stanley earlier that day. But he or "IT" is no longer at my house. Remember. Don't live with it. Its okay to ghost hunt. Its okay to go to scary places. But it isn't okay to allow them to live with you. I can't deal with it.  I don't know how anyone else would be able to...
Happy Hunting everyone............. See some of you in March :)

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Demonic what?

In complete honesty, I get so sick of people "claiming" to be psychic, a "demonologist," or even an "exorcist." So first let me educate you, and tell you to beware of these titles. And before you actually believe someone, do some research on them first. Do not just take their "word for it." 
The biggest red flag for me when someone claims to be one of the above and the first thing out of their mouth is, "I watched a show the other day with Ghost Adventures and they are all surrounded by demons." I mean seriously, what a bunch of hogwash. Pardon my language, but stop listening to anymore bull**** coming out of their mouth. Anyone who says "demons" out number spirits or just pissed of entities has no clue what they are talking about. At east in my opinion, and in my research and encounters. 
I will give you a ratio to think about. 9 out of 10 claims of the paranormal are dead people. Or to be fair we could say 8 out of 10. These dead people either A) don't want to move on, or B) Have unfinished business of some-sort, even if that means making your life a living hell. This consists of nice and mean spirits. The other 1 out of 10 or 2 out of 10 are one of two things. Either A) a Demon, or B) something that has been summoned here. And in my findings, it is more likely to find something that has been summoned by witchcraft or black magic, rather then an actual demon. Wait a minute, lets back up for just a second. Lets go back to talking about dead people.
I have encountered some wonderful entities, and yes they are well aware that they are dead. Two of my favorites are one from the Stanley Hotel and the other from Jerome. Who has heard of Lucy? Lucy is a young girl that was homeless in Estes Park. She broke into the concert hall at the Stanley Hotel to live. I believe they were doing construction (My history may be a bit off so pardon me if it is) But she was asked to leave and escorted out. Not too long after that she was found in downtown Estes Park, and she had froze to death. Apparently she loved the Stanley Hotel so much, she has decided to reside there for her eternity even in the afterlife. Many people have made contact with Lucy. She is well aware that she is dead. And she has absolutely no intentions on leaving. She likes to slam the door to the room she now resides in. People claim they can hear her cry a lot. She is also very found of men. 
Michael from Jerome. The maintenance man that shot himself in the head in November of 2007. I was the first female investigator inside this building and Michael took to me. He was an alcoholic, he recently had found out his wife was cheating on him. He claimed after living inside the hospital the spirits were tormenting him so he decided to go in front of town hall sit on the bench and end it all there. He was making EPIC contact with me. Probably more contact then any other spirit I have encountered in my life. He made me feel his sadness. He almost had me in tears. And most of all he let me feel how alone he was, and is all of the time. It was amazing. So amazing that I didn't really want to leave him. I felt like he knew I was there, I knew he was there, and I let him know that he was no longer alone. I want to go back to Jerome just to visit him again. I don't want him to forget he has a friend in me. Michael also knows he is dead, but does not want to pass because he is afraid of what might be waiting for him on the other side. He believes because of all his sins, god will not forgive him. Now remember, I am not here to cross people over. I don't know how you even do that or if its even possible. I am no GHOST WHISPERER. And I think its really wrong when certain people promise an entity that thy will help them cross over when they have no psychic ability what so ever and then they never go back to help that people move on. Who knows, that spirit may wait there for all eternity for someone to come help them cross over and then, they never come back. Remember ghosts were like you and me once. Blood pumping through their veins, skin, and hair. They hate to be treated with disrespect. That and who knows, they could be just as scared of you as you are of them. 

Okay okay. So what about the bad ghosts right?
There are two that stick out in my mind. One is the guy that used to follow me around from the Stanley Hotel (See my past blogs if you have no idea what I am talking about). But also Mr. gangster dude from Bobby Mackeys. He was a nasty one. I believe he has no idea he is dead, and he doesn't care because he is still doing all of the bad things inside Bobby Mackeys just like the days he did when he lived. This isn't someone to negotiate with. He is happy living his eternity still surrounded by gambling, prostitution and gun warfare. 

Now we are to the good part. "Demonic"
I believe 90% of ghost hunters out there have never experienced a demonic haunting. I believe that exorcisms should still stay within the Archdiocese.I believe they are only the ones truly trained for years and years to be able to understand an exorcism and a demonic haunting. Have I ever been followed home by a demon? Hell no. DO you know why? Because I am way too strong for one to cling onto me. That and if one followed me home I would force it out so fast it wouldn't know where to go. I do not put up with that for even one minute after my first attachment, Now do I think demons can attach themselves to anyone? Yes. But I think people that are weak minded are much more vulnerable. I also believe that curiosity can kill the cat. If a demon knows you have any sort of curiosity for it, you are already opening up a portal for it and welcoming it into your life. Even perhaps subconsciously. But I am so not here to talk psychology right now. Have I encountered a demon? Yes. I believe Bobby Mackeys has many. There is a huge spirit war going on, on those grounds. It was a Indian burial ground. Then it was a slaughter house where men abducted children from local orphanages. The children would have to stir the melting lard and the kids would fall into the steaming pot of fat and would literately melt to death. Then it sat abandoned where witchcraft was preformed on the grounds for years. Then the gangsters owned the building, they were above the law, paying off law enforcement making their own rules about prostitutiongambling etc. Until then it because Bobby Mackeys. Plus throughout all of this there is a huge river behind the establishment that gives off high EMF levels, and train tracks that are still active surging with energy. This is the cream of the crop haunt if you ever wanted one built. The Indians are against the butchers, who are against the demons and beings that have been summoned in, who are against the gangsters still running the place! And all of them are against the humans that come in talking smack to piss all of them off! And you wonder why women have been pushed down the stairs? Why Aaron Goodwin got divorced from whatever followed him home? Why Zak Bagans claims something attached to him from there? Why Wanda that works there will not stay after dark? There is all of your answers up above. 

What is something summoned?
OH you know. The typical demons we have bad dreams about at night that look like "the devil."  DO NOT GOOGLE THEM! It is my best advise to tell you that. Because even googling them can open a portal where they believe you are welcoming them in. Besides who wants to see a demon anyway? Another prime example of something summoned is a Succubus. Those are creepy things. Or OH! Have you ever seen a crawler? I hate those things. Those were in Jerome. They crawl on their hands and knees, on the floor, the ceiling, and the walls. They have no face almost act like a creepy James Bond move. If you as me, I think they are like messengers. They watch you ghost hunt, listen to what you say and see what you are doing and then they report back to who ever their higher power is. 

I don't really like the dark side. I like the light side. My friend Chris Fleming pulled me aside in November of 2011. He told me I was walking dangerously close to the dark side. Where curiosity can be a one way ticket to shatville. He asked me which side I really choose. He told me to think about it. I am curious about the dark side. But not curious enough to ruin my life with an attachment. I don't want them in my home. And being a female lead makes me all the more bait. I have to put my foot down harder then guys in this business. I will end this with saying I don't want to be pulled out of bed at 5 AM by an unseen force. I do not want to share my home with something creepy and life sucking. And I sure as hell do not want to make my friends and family suffer for it. Ghost hunting isn't so glamorous. It can be dangerous. And by all means, it takes a spiritually stable person to do this. I have become more religious then ever in my life. I don't go to church, but I know that when I feel like I am in a dangerous place its okay to ask for help from the big guns. I have felt afraid plenty of times. No one is brave enough to not become scared by an unseen force. Especially in your house. But always know this. It is YOUR HOME. Take control. Tell it that's its NOT welcome and to go away and never come back. Stand your ground. That is your home. No one elses. Do not show weakness, show positive power. Over its as simple as this.... if you don't then be prepared for it to take over your life. Now come on.... You go to college, get an education... get your dream job... marry your dream man/woman... have a beautiful family... all to let some stupid ghost or entity take over your house? I don't think so....

Monday, January 16, 2012

Do ghosts really push people?

Zak Bagans says there are entities living in his "Dungeon." He says the first ones that arrived were from his first investigation at Bobby Mackeys. Also from the ritual in Salem when he summoned in the Succubus with the witch.

First of all. I don't have a dungeon in my house. I would never have a dungeon in my house. And when something follows me home I make sure it knows real quick how unwelcome it is. 

Zak says pots and pans have been know to move by themselves in his house. Doors slam shut. And the latest claim, he was pulled out of bed at 5 AM onto the floor by unseen forces. 

Your question for me, "Do you believe these things happened?"
My answer, "Absolutely."

So many people say the same thing to me. "How do you do it?" 

I can't say I blame anyone for being afraid of the unknown. Even the toughest ghost hunter becomes fearful at times. I have been in places where I have screamed. I have been in places I have cried. I have even been in places I felt like I needed to run. Unfortunately sometimes if you take off running you could severely get hurt considering you are in the dark unable to see where you are running to. What does this mean? You stay put. Even if you think you should have worn a diaper.

March of 2011. 

Lord Dunraven. From the Stanley Hotel. He harbors in room 407. He is an intimidating man in life, as he is in death. He has made contact with me several times. He doesn't like me, but that's okay because I don't like him. I used to think he came home with me after investigations. Until finding out, it wasn't him all along. Long story short I found out about a particular incidence that occurred at the Stanley Hotel only about 2 years ago.
There was a room on fourth floor (the room number I will leave nameless, as they do not let any guests stay in this room). There was a man that stayed here. I am not allowed to share any details about the death. I can't even share his name. He committed suicide. It was said he was possessed when the suicide happened in the hotel. Its marked the most recent death at the Stanley. 

I have photos of him in my closet in MY house. He manifested in this particular area. Though, we do not think its the man that died, we believe it is the "thing" that killed him. As, we do not believe it is from this world. He walked up and down my stairs at night. He scratched on my wall. Sometimes I could even hear him breathing as if he was standing behind me. This was my first attachment. At night things got worse. For months I would only sleep during the day. I would have nightmares if I did sleep at night. And the light was always on. But it didn't matter if it was light or dark, he was still there. After confirming he was in my house through response of an EVP session it started to consume me. And soon I realized, at night he would stand over my bed to watch me as if he was my caretaker. This went on for months and months. I wrote a prior blog about it. Read it if you haven't. I need to write another one with more detail about him. Rather then just an attachment. Maybe for a future blog I will keep that in mind. From March to May. I realized I was now under severe oppression. Which is the stage before Possession. I was feeling his emotions. I felt lonely when he was gone. And after all the months I wanted him out of my house, now I didn't want him to leave. I can't even begin to explain it. And it sounds delirious. But its the truth. Finally at the end of May Aaron my co-founder and I blessed the house. He never came back into my house again.

September, 2011. Bobby Mackeys. Wilder Kentucky.
Scarefest was amazing. So I decided since I was in Lexington, Wilder was only about an hour drive away. I put in a call to Wanda. She explained to me She wouldn't allow me to come in and that she only showed the property Monday though Friday. And at this time was when I dropped my name and that I had been on Paranormal Challenge. She is very god friends with Zak, so suddenly she changed her mind and agreed to allow me to come up. 

First of all. I had seen Aaron and Zak earlier that day. I wanted to tell them so bad I was going to Bobby Mackeys, but I knew if I did they were going to tell me not to go. And then I would get a lecture on how dangerous it was, and that it ruined Aarons marriage and blah blah blah. I already knew what they were going to say. SO I didn't mention it. And I went on my merry way to little Wilder Kentucky. 

I pulled up to the parking lot to what it felt as a surreal moment. This is supposed to be the big cheese of all haunts. This is the place that changed lives. Dark things lurk in here. But of course, I never experienced it. I mean I took their word for it. SO I went in with caution. I started walking into the building to met Wanda and my anxiety started to raise. I was taking mental notes of energy levels and body reaction to outside of the building verse inside the building. I walked inside and it felt like I stepped into outer space. In fact I admire Wanda for being able to work there everyday for the past 10 years. There is the famous sign hanging from the top of the wall. Stating it is a condemned haunted location though the State of Kentucky. ENTER AT YOUR OWN RISK. 

Of course all I could think to myself was a four letter word. Starting with F and ending with a K.
She made me sign a release form stating that I was not pregnant. Pregnant women have been pushed and hurt by unseen forces. They will not allow anyone to enter the premises with a bun in the oven. They even gave a waitress that works there a temporary sabbatical because she was pregnant. She wasn't to come back to work until after she delivered. 
We went to a room on the top floor. Know as the "head gangsters apartment." His bowling trophies are still on the walls. Including various other belongings. This is the man that doesn't enjoy women. Especially pregnant women. And I will tell you what. He didn't like me. He followed me around that place like he was ready for me to leave. He didn't like my energy output. A strong woman, without an ounce of weakness and he couldn't scare me out of his establishment. He was pissed.

I saw where Johanna was found dead on the catwalk. I actually went up there. The air was heavy and it felt so sad. I felt as if I needed to hug whoever was up there. 

I investigated the main stage where mysteriously the mic and PA system kept kicking on by itself. It was actually pissing Wanda off. Finally she looked at the stage and said, "I'm not turning it off again, so if you want it on and thats what you want then so be it."

I felt other things else where. But to me it felt like there was a party going on that never ended. They were minding their own business and I should mind mine. 
Now it was time for the basement. Walking though to get to the other side was interesting. It sounded like people running from us, like when a person turns a light on to watch all the roaches scram.

Finally we got to the room where Zak and the Bishop had the possession. They call this room, the "room of faces." Faces have appeared over time though the paint in the walls. And this room made me ill.

They still had the table with the candelabra that the Bishop and Zak sat at. And for some reason this room made you feel not alone. Some one was watching us and it or "they" were not human. And as bad as I wanted to run out I stayed. I needed to encounter this for information and for my research. 

After a long day I headed back to Lexington. My dad was at the hotel. He knew where I had went. He is a believer. But he never has had an experience. At about 4 AM. he and I both woke up to the sound of someone knocking at our hotel room door. We weren't going to answer it either way. Not at 4 am anyway. We both tried to drift back to sleep assuming it was someone at the wrong hotel room. About 15 minutes later we woke up to a screech in our hotel room. I was watching with my own eyes this TV (The old box style tv's about 42 inches) moving on the dresser! My dad watched it and just started cursing up a storm. He told the ghost to get the f**k out of our hotel room. Dad eventually drifted back to sleep. I knew I had to because we had a long day in the morning. I had to drive him to Nashville and fly back to Denver. At about 5, I was asleep and felt my neck burning. I opened my eyes and realized there was a man in my face! Except when I sat up to see where he had gone no one was in the room. The bathroom light started flashing on and off. And I broke into silent tears. I didn't want to wake my dad up. So I texted my mother and we started praying over the phone. Now remember. I have never gone to a day of church in my life. I haven't even read the bible. But I do know, that when its time to call for a higher power, it does work. Sometimes in life we as humans are not cable of helping ourselves. Even if we think we can. Finally the lights stopped flashing. I calmed down, and it seemed like he had left. My mother asked what he looked like. And I can still see his face in my mind. He was dark skinned, very Italian. Round face, and with dark facial hair. He had a bandana on and was wearing a black and white pin stripped suite. I just realized this was the gangster from Bobby Mackeys. And he followed me home. I could only comprehend he thought I was one of the "Dancers" from the club and he followed me wondering why I left "work." Except that its 2011. And Its not the 1900s when the gangsters owned it. 

Now calm. I had forgotten why I had woke up. My neck was still burning and I finally felt safe enough to get up to go look in the mirror. Where I laid asleep my cross was sitting on my neck. Where my cross was, my neck had been scratched and started to bubble up in welts. I took photos. My mother burst into tears. She told me I was dangerous for enjoying this demonic play with a devil. But she still loved me, and she was proud of my for having a gut of steel and a heart of gold. 

The next day I had to say goodbye to my dad. I was pretty torn up. As he lives in Florida. So all day I was an emotional wreck. But on the bright side I was only hours away from being back home to Denver in my own bed. Peace of mind. Or so I thought...

I was home by dinner. My aunt and mother picked me up from the airport. And I started getting these head aches the minute I stepped off the plane. It wasn't even a head ache it was like these jolts of energy going though my head. After a few hours I was more pissed off about it then I was hurting. I took a nap. And by the end of the night I started to prepare evidence because Aaron was coming over the next day for review. When all of the sudden something came from behind me sending this surge though my body so hard that it physically made me stand up. The only way I can describe it is have you ever crewed on foil? Or bit into a piece of ice with a bad tooth?

This thing was piercing. It made my vision go burly, I thought I was going to barf and all of the sudden it went away. This is the first night in September, I would begin to have nightmares on a nightly basis. The next day I called Peggy, LPP's psychic to see if she could pick up on anything around me or who this was. When all of the sudden I am explaining to her events and she starts screaming on the phone, "BEHIND YOU BEHIND YOU! HES BEHIND YOU!" 
Before I even had time to turn around and see what she was talking about I had this horrible surge of energy go through me once again. Here came the head ache. Here came the sick stomach. Here came the blurry vision. 

Now lets analyze this for a minute. If you were on the phone with ANYONE and they started shouting behind you behind you! It is going to put u in a state of shock. No matter who you are, your going to freak out. But then to feel them behind you but not be able to see them? Yeah, some days I want to quit :)

He still comes to visit me. I know when its him. He is the only one that makes me feel that way. And when hes around I always have nightmares, because I can see him in my dreams. He tried to scare me in these nightmares, but he never can. He is very displeased with me being a strong woman. He never will either. I am not weak minded. And I stay strong spiritually. He will never get what he wants. 

In Jerome.

I was investigated the morgue. Aaron and Gerson were freaked out and would barley move. I took off for one corner of the room without them and without a camera. Something drew me in that direction.Ya big mistake, because it walked around pulling my hair until we left the morgue. And I will proudly say I screamed every time it happened :) Your telling me if you were in the dark and something unseen was pulling your hair you wouldn't scream? Ya right. Well good for you them. Because when I get touched, I'm a wuss. 

My conclusion is this.
For an entity to be so forceful to physically harm someone takes a lot of energy. Though my findings, demons have much more power then just a regular dead person. Also, things from different worlds, summoned in by witchcraft or black magic seem to be very powerful. But then once in a while, you get you occasional pissed off ghost that has no idea they are dead, and uses that energy to be harmful. They are on a completely different frequency then you and me. So for them to even talk though communication they basically have to scream through digital recorders in order for us to hear them. But them you have devices like a PX or a ghost box which they love. Because the PX device they can manipulate the energy in the air into words. And a ghost box scans through frequencies that are on their level so its easy for them to communicate with us.

Have I ever had a demon follow me? No. Does Zak Bagans have one following him? I think its highly likely. I have had multiple psychics tell me Zak has one hanging on his back. They believe its something like a succubus. I have no idea though. I can't see these things. There are times you will be hanging out with Zak and its like something snaps and he isn't himself. But I have no idea what that means. Zak thinks he has things living with him. He thinks some times they travel with him too. He claims at times he wants to get his house blessed, and then he never does it. Yes he is my friend, but I think it is like me when I was under oppression. He is used to these things harboring in his home. He is less and less afraid of them. In his book he talks about how he will not have friends over, and his dating life has been put on hold because of it. These things tend to like to mess with girls he brings in. I love Zak hes a great guy. But until he is ready to rid these things of himself and his life, no one can help him by giving him holy water. And if someone tries to tell him hes under oppression he will laugh in their face. I did with my mom and Aaron my co-founder. I didn't want to detach myself because it was manipulating my thoughts and my emotions. Zak has had these things in house house a lot longer then I did. Its going to take him more time and only his very close friends and family will be able to help him though it. 

I have been scratched. I have felt things. You body is your best tool. And like any skeptics in the world, I didn't believe until My first experience. But if you block it out. And if you don't want to believe, then just that will happen. You cannot peak at the paranormal and close the door. Once the door it open it will never close. Your in it for life. It consumes you. You eat, breathe, and sleep... the dead. 

What was my quote you all heard for myself of "Paranormal Challenge?"

"Some people can dance, Some people can sing...
I just happen to be able to communicate with the dead..." -Krystal Heimbach, 
Lead Investigator from Living Proof of the Paranormal

Sunday, January 15, 2012

The forever famous Zak Bagans.

So many people have such a wrong perspective of Zak. And I am lucky enough to call him one of my friends and one of my mentors of the paranormal. 

First of all lets get this clear. I am not hear to dish on Zak. I am not here to tell any of Zak's secrets, and I don't tolerate anyone talking badly about him around me. 

This has to be the most common question I get, "What is Zak Bagans like in person? Is he the same off camera as he is on? Whats your perspective of him now after working with him so closely?"

Okay. Lets answer these once and for all.

But to answer these, lets start from the beginning. Yes. I am one of "those girls." I am one of the girls that first saw Ghost Adventures, saying OMG THAT GUY IS HOT! But also being honest, I met Ghost Adventures before I knew they existed before they were popular. I also met Aaron before I met Zak years ago. Thats neither here, nor there. I just had to state that yes, like every other female out there, I think Zak Bagans is a hawtie :)

The first day I met Zak.
We were on the set in Jerome for five days. Zak drove up the hill in Jerome sitting in the passenger seat. Billy was driving. They were in a Kia SUV bumping some loud techno/house music. Everything you would expect from Zak. Zak's arm was flinging outside the window, my teammates Aaron and Gerson and the other team started freeking out. All of them were like, "OMG ITS ZAK!" Oddly enough I didn't have that star struck thing with him. I figured he was a normal guy. The producers were shouting at him he needed to be on set. And all we could hear was Zak say he had to take a piss and he would hurry. It made us all giggle.

We walked down to the clubhouse to film more with Lonny (In the woodshop) and through the windows we see Zak dressed in all black, a long sleeve shirt (Rebel Spirit of course) running down the hill in 100 degree humid Arizona heat. All you could hear is everyone gasp. As if the star had finally arrived. He came in not smiling he was serious like he wanted to get to business. He didn't even individually greet us except for saying hi and he didn't really make eye contact either. Then we filmed a scene with Zak and Lonny, and then Zak became much more personal. We talked and chatted and walked back to the Jerome Hotel with him, and I found him to be much different then he appears on camera. 

He was laughing, he was smiling, and complaining about the heat. He told me when he gets in hot weather he always seems to always fall sick, and he felt like he was getting a cold from being in Arizona. He went on to talk about his famous "Vampire Weather" we would rather live in. Getting just a hint of what Zak was like, it was now time for us to met Billy. Billy is probably the most down to earth chill guy. Hes quiet, but he likes to laugh a lot and Zak goes around constantly shouting "BILL!" And Billy always rolls his eyes and says, "Yesssssss?"

Soon we would find our team only having a private dinner with Zak talking about the paranormal. Comparing stories and discussions. Some of these are private conversations I believe my team and I hold special to our heart. We probably will never talk much about them. But Zak is the most amazing guy you will ever met. (And I am not just saying that from a female persective, Aaron and gerson really took to him too) People make fun of him for his muscles. His tight shirts, his tan skin. He was so bullied as a kid. It has taken him years to become the person he is today. He doesn't let anything effect him that people say. His famous line is, "haters gunna hate." He is different in front of the camera. We all witnessed it. He likes to be in tune with his audience and interact. You can see that when he starts filming. He takes the paranormal very serious. But when he is off camera he is like you and me. By the end of the week, I forgot how big he actually is in the entertainment industry.Suddenly, Zak Bagans was a friend, a co-worker- and my Boss. Rather then a star we were all star stuck by.

I got to talk with him privately a few times. I was followed to my hotel in Jerome. We actually filmed a segment on it, but they couldn't show it due to time. We got the the hotel at 5 AM and had to be on set at 9 the next morning. My iphone was thrown numerous times. The curtains in my room kept flying open. Finally I was in tears, and had to have Aaron and Gerson come sleep in the spare bed in my room. I was afraid to be alone because it felt harmful. Aaron decided he couldn't handle it so he ended up going back to his room to sleep. Gerson stayed with me though. I was walking around my bed. It was loud and it was even more angry now that Gerson had come to the room with me. Gerson and I had gotten up numerous times throughout the night to pray. I would pray in English, while Gerson would Pray in Spanish. Hoping it would hear us and leave. By the end of the night we had about 45 min of sleep before we had to wake up and be on set the next day. This was the same day, Aaron experienced his possession. I told Zak what happened. He asked me if this was my first attachment. I told him no, it happened all o the time. Zak asked me who I thought it was that followed me home. I believe it was Michael. I don't think he was trying to harm me, but I made such an amazing contact with him during the lockdown, I think he was happy to communicate with someone. Zak gave me advice about getting things to follow you home. He asked me if I needed help. Chris Felming had now joined the conversation. He told me I had a psychic gift I hadn't tapped into yet. He said I was a medium. And that I felt Michaels emotions, which is why I was so torn up every time I talked about him. Zak said he had some abilities. He said once you start opening the door to this world, you become in tune closer and closer with the other side.

I saw Zak again at Scarefest September 2011. I saw Aaron Goodwin again also. Zak was meeting fans. He didn't even look at me when I walked up to him. I said "Wow! You don't even remember me?!" 
Zak said, "Well I met a lot of people."
I said, "Oh okay."
Zak said, Where do I know you from?" Still he had not looked up at me.
I replied with, "Jerome?"
He FINALLY looked up and me and giggled. He apologized and said, "OMG! HEY!" 
He hugged me. I said, "Wow you must be tired"
He said, "You have no idea."

I got to hang out with Zak again in November. He did a big event at the Stanley Hotel. He introduced me as "Paranormal Challenge" winner. It was cool he let me help with the ghost hunt. He didn't have to include me but he did. Zak would do anything for you if you were his friend. He is a really good person.

People ask why he doesn't smile. He just doesn't smile on camera. If you were to go out with Zak tonight he would be laughing and joking. But when he is in front of the camera, he has a personification to maintain. He takes his job serious! When he is with a group (big group) of people he is quiet. He has huge social anxiety. I think hes claustrophobic. He has a really hard time with fans, and people that he doesn't know coming up to him. He doesn't really now how to answer peoples questions. And more then anything he hates people giving him holy water! LOL.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

My first attachment. & Hopefully my last.

This road to becoming a "ghost hunter" has certainly been an interesting one. I have had my ups and my downs. But haven't we all? Its not like when I was three I told my teacher I wanted to hunt ghosts for a living. "Little Krystal, what do you want to be when you grow up?"

I always had some strange connection with the other-side. I was born three months premature. My mother says I fought for my life. I had wrapped my umbilical cord around my neck several times cutting the oxygen off to my brain. The anticipated wouldn't live past three. Well. That right there is a proven fact doctors are not always right. Maybe from my somehow traumatic experience before I was born put me in touch closer to the other side then I realized. For years when I was a infant I would tell my mother these stories. I mean I was barely old enough to talk. I would tell her how I drowned. That they found me face down, and that I had to leave my husband and children behind. I remember my mother driving and sitting in my car-seat in the back watching bodies of water just picturing myself face down in the water. For years this created a water phobia for myself. My mother finally put me in swimming lessons when I was 12. You would have thought she was trying to kill me. I remember learning to dive with my swim coach and I would swim so fast under water with my eyes shut she could barely catch me. Sometimes having flashbacks thinking I was going to drown again. I finally gt over my water phobia. I still do not like dark water, or deep water. Like lakes and rivers. 

I started ghost hunting the typical way. In high school. My friends and I would break into places we shouldn't legally be. Get spooked and run out. The eventually when I was 19, Aaron and I decided to take it to a entire different level. We started slowing purchasing equipment. It gave us an excuse to have ghost hunts on a weekly basis. And in some of the most messed up places we investigated, I never once got an attachment, (In case you don't know what an attachment is, it is when an entity somehow attracts itself to you, follows you home and basically makes your life a living hell.)

On Christmas of 2010 (Literately Christmas morning at 5 AM) I was rushed in to emergency surgery for my gallbladder. The after I was released I was deathly ill for weeks. I think I finally had my last hospital visit by early February 2011. Aaron and I had not been ghost hunting for months. And somehow ghost hunting can turn into your own personal drug. Its like you need and want the adrenaline from making contact. So when I was finally able to walk after healing from my surgery, Aaron and I decided to hop back on the band wagon. In March of 2011, we found out that the "Ghost Adventures" were going to be at The Stanley Hotel in Estes Park. We had watched their shows. Aaron and I said, Lets go up! Lets try to see if we could met them. At this point I had also befriended Calli. Who is the Lead Paranormal Investigator at the Stanley Hotel. I called Calli, we set up an investigation with her. And this would be said to mark history of my first actual investigation at the Stanley Hotel. Now take in mind. I think I was still at a pretty vulnerable state of mind. I really wasn't fully healed from surgery, even though I was telling myself I was. Or maybe I wasn't mentally in a good place. 

We hit the fourth floor of the Stanley Hotel, and all of the sudden I couldn't breathe. It felt like there was a rope tied around my neck, I literately couldn't swallow, and I felt as if I had been walking through the desert for days without any water. I almost had a panic attack it was so strong. I told Aaron, he asked if I felt unsafe and if I should leave. I stuck it out. We had some strange things happen to all of us. Aaron and I, Aaron's cousin and his cousins girlfriend are who made the trip.

We all went home. Somewhat baffled. Usually after a ghost hunt I can't sleep for days. So I knew tonight wouldn't be any different. I went home and decided to color my hair. I got out of the shower, and sat on my bed. I had pulled my wet hair into a pony tail and started to read a magazine. When all of the sudden I felt this surge of energy go through my head and my head bobbed back as if something had just yanked on my hair. I jumped up, and started screaming. But it wasn't a scream of terror, it was a scream of anger. Whatever was in my house had followed me home from the Stanley. I started screaming for it to leave, I told it, it wasn't welcome. I was pissed. 

I was so angry I became tired. I drained all of my energy telling this thing off. So for the first time I knew I had to somehow get some sleep. Well that didn't happen. I called Aaron the next day and asked him to come over. I told him this thing hadn't left and to see if Aaron would do an EVP (electronic voice phenomena) session with me to see if we could make contact. 

I asked all kids of questions. We played it back, and realized we had gotten a response from one of the first questions I asked.

"Was that you that pulled my hair?" -No response
"Why did you pull my hair?" -No response

"Where you trying to scare me?" And suddenly you hear a man reply, "Never......"

I was in utter shock. I thought what do you do when a ghost follows you home?
Well to my surprise it would be the most educational experience I would ever go through.

March 3rd. When my new roommate came home with me. Now it is May 2011. For months this thing has been in my home. I can hear it go up and down the stairs at night. I can hear it whispering in my ear. I heard it one night messing with the dirty dishes in my kitchen. It hisses, and scratches on walls. And suddenly I realize, I have fallen under Oppression. (
I now do not want to remove it from my house. To me it is becoming a roommate, and I feel sad when I think about it leaving. My mother and Aaron had to have a serious intervention with me about it. I have worn my grandmothers cross for years since I started ghost hunting. My cross on my neck started to burn my neck. It was this thing, it didn't want me in the light. And I was walking dangerously close to the edge of the dark side. 

May 20th, 2011.
Aaron and I preform our amateur blessing of my house. Using the bible, prayer, holy water, sage and blessed red adobe brick. We studied how to do it. And finally we both felt confident enough to follow through. you start outside the house making your way though the home counter clockwise. We were rolling the digital recorder the entire time to see if we could pick anything up. After 3 hours, of blessing my house, it was so strange.... it was like a dark umbrella was taken off my house. This shadow throughout the house lifted, and it was light. It was easier to breathe. And it worked. After being tormented by this thing for months, it was finally gone. And I was so happy I could cry. It was the first night since February I had slept.
I am going to attach a picture of him. He would manifest in my closet. The furthest part of the house in the basement, in the dark. He hasn't come back since. 

I have to be frank. I never have gone to church a day in my life. I wasn't educated on the bible. My family was Lutheran. I always believed in God. I just believed more in the "otherside." Until recently, I believe I was not protecting myself with the light. Now wait a minute. I am no bible thumper. I am not here to push religion down your neck. You do what you want. But I have seen some dark shit. I have seen some scary shit. I mean things that are not even from this world. Like things that have been summoned in by witchcraft and black magic. There are two sides to being a Ghost hunter. The Light side. & The dark side. Its up to you, where you choose to fall. I was on the path to the dark side. I am interested in that part. People I meet everyday that have seen me on Paranormal Challenge, the most common thing I hear from them is, "YOUR crazy! I would be so scared to go some of the places you go!" It is scary. And its not a joke. 

I met a bishop once. He worked for the Catholic church. He gave me a piece of advise that will stick with me for the rest of my life. He said this, "The paranormal world is not a toy. People think you can open it like a box. Like you can peak inside the box, shut the box and close it and put it back onto the shelf. People believe they will not encounter the dark side. But what people do not understand, is that it isn't something you can peak at from curiosity. Once you peak you have opened the vale. And now it will never close."

Aaron Goodwin said it best. The paranormal world is like a revolving door. It never shut once its open. And its like a box of chocolates. You never know what your going to get. You might get a sweet apparition, and you might get one that tastes like shit. 

I made contact with Dave Schrader in July 2011. He liked my team and forwarded our information to the casting director. I was 4 AM when I emailed Dave. He had posted on twitter they needed another team for Paranormal Challenge. I sat in bed fr almost an hour debating in my head if it was worth getting up and emailing him our info. The next day at 10 AM I had a call frm New York that we had been chosen for an interview to be cast on Paranormal Challenge. Less then a week later, we found out Zak Bagans chose our team, out of 10,000 other paranormal groups to be on his show. And less then a week after that, Aaron Gerson and I were in the car on our way to the set in Jerome Arizona. 

Aaron experienced a possession while we were in Jerome. He doesn't remember what happened. He was so terrible to Gerson and I that we almost left him there. finally less then 24 hours later Aaron somehow snapped out of it. To this day Aaron swears he didn't do the things he did on set. He has no recollection. This entity followed Aaron home from Jerome and Aaron is still living with it. Aaron did not quit the team, but after Paranormal Challenge he changed. I have not seen him since September. I believe whatever is following him around still has a hold of him. And Aaron will not let me help him. It has put a burden on our friendship. And now he and I hardly talk.

The point of the article is to show you the Paranormal is not something to play with. It is the unseen. And none of us really know what is all out there. I am however obsessed with the paranormal and it will never stop. I am studying Parapsychology. I am currently writing a book. We as a team are progressing. We have a lot going on with contracts with networks. People are interested, but are afraid. And for good reason. I have seen things, that normal people would probably break down in fear. This industry isn't for everyone. And with all do respect, its my professional opinion to you- to not try and open the box and peak inside. Because if you are unsure. And if you are not spiritually stable, you never know what might jump out of the box and cause a real life living hell. There are unknown creatures in the paranormal lurking about that are not safe, there are angry dead people that want to make everyone they encounter in their path pay for whatever misfortune they had in life.

All I can guarantee you, is that the paranormal world, can be 20 times scarier then any Hollywood made film. So make sure you know what your getting yourself into. You have to have strong stature. Willpower and confidence. Not weak mindedness.

And if you liked this one that I wrote, wait until I write about my adventure at Bobby Mackeys last September.

AND. PS. A lot of people have asked me this. 
"How does your family feel about you doing this?"

My mother supports anything I do. I did not tell my dad I was a ghost hunter until The week before Paranormal Challenge premiered. And none of my friends (Except close friends) knew until I posted I was going to be on Paranormal Challenge. Why you ask? Thats easy. Its not an easy conversation to bring up with people. "OH what do you do for a living?" UMMM WELLLL I chase dead people? 
But I will say this. After meeting Zak Bagans, and befriending him, I look at him like one of my greatest mentors. He and I had a chat about this. He told me it was a gift that not everyone had, and to not be ashamed of it. I was never ashamed of it, I just didn't know how to tell people. Now that doesn't mean I parade around shouting that I am a ghost hunter. (Which there is a defined difference between paranormal investigator and ghost hunter- I am really more a on investigator but we can talk about that later)  But I have worked hard to be where I am in this industry. And I have no shame telling people that either.

My father and step mother do not support me. They were proud of me, but they do not support this. My friends support me. And my mother supports me. And I am okay with anyone along the way, that doesn't agree with what I do. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Believers and no believers. I respect both sides. Because Until  had my first encounter, I was a non believer as well. But thats another article for a different day. I believe that there are people that do not believe, ad people that do not WANT to believe. I have an aunt that is very proud of me, she tells everyone I was on paranormal challenge, BUT she doesn't want to hear about any of my stories. My father loves me very much, but he would like to see me become a doctor. (Which for years, I was following his dreams for myself, until one day I realized, I needed to follow my own dreams). My father does believe in the paranormal, he just doesn't want to hear me talk about it either. It can be hurtful at times. But I am a Taurus. I don't give up without a fight. and I fight to the death for what I want. Even if that means somewhat betraying some of my family's beliefs. I live my own life. Even if that means, I prefer working with dead people.