Friday, December 23, 2011

Spiritual Energy and Opening the Vale

I have worked with tons of clients in private ghost hunting expeditions, and it amazes me how no matter what the haunting... people feel the presence in their residence. What amazes me even more is that 9 out of 10 cases, people residing within the home can potentially claim if the entity is male of female. 

The vale is lifting between life and death. Have you ever told yourself that some things in life may not be a coincidence? I have developed what I believe to be an elite team of investigators. And it feels like everyday something new develops in the spirit world. It becomes consuming. Death and dying doesn't seem as scary to me anymore. Making contact will all of these entities does make me choose the "light" side. Even though my curiosity for the dark-side continues. All I know for sure, is that I don't want to die and be the the entity haunting the families that I help everyday. It opens up to a philosophical world of questions. What or why causes a human being like you an me to not be able to move onto the otherside? What brings things not from this world to be summoned and torture innocent people like you and me?

What is the otherside? Is there an otherside? This is all by belief. This opens up a whole other can of worms of questions. I am not here to discuss religion. I am here to discuss what I have experienced my entire life. That is, the unexplained. 

Science has evolved. But comparing controversial conversations and topics is like explaining why they always post these miracle stories through the media. Like the people with cancers and no cures suddenly wake up one morning without any signs of cancer for unexplained explanation. Not even a doctor with years and years of science education can explain. What makes the paranormal so different?

I will blog about my experiences. I will blog about my fears, my education. But this is my blog and my opinion. No one has to agree with me. But I want to share my thought processes. Including my experiences in Jerome and what it is like working with some of the most credible paranormal investigators like Zak Bagans and Chris Fleming.

Ready or not, here we go.

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